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ABSTRACT This package changes some typographical features of the ClassicThesis style, by André Miede. It allows to reproduce the layout of the guide The Art of

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ClassicThesis – A “classically styled” thesis package. The clas­sic­the­sis pack­age pro­vides an el­e­gant lay­out de­signed in homage to Bringhurst.

Please see the file ClassicThesis.pdf for more information. Your comments are highly appreciated. If you like the style then I would appreciate a postcard. My address. Classicthesis-Styled CV Description: This template combines the Classicthesis style with the currvita document layout to create a beautiful CV/Résumé.


A CLASSIC THESIS STYLE andré miede An Homage to The Elements of Typographic Style September 2015 – version 4.2 [September 6, 2015 at 15:14 – classicthesis. classicthesis. A Classic Thesis Style -- An Homage to The Elements of Typographic Style. You can find the latest release for LaTeX and LyX here.